Meg White gets fucked on a table

September 19th, 2016 by J

Naughty horny Meg White likes getting plowed on top of a table!

Meg White might be missing in action on the music scene but here she is in a hardcore leaked sex tape making a whole new level of noise. Roleplaying as a hot sexy professor, with eyeglasses to boot, while getting fucked on a table like a dog on the streets sound and look way better than her musical skills, to be honest, and I bet both her former spouses would agree. She’s way more energetic and charming being a slutty bitch than pretending to be a pathetic hermit all the time.

Meg White blows and fucks black dick

April 22nd, 2016 by J

As an American Drummer, Meg White literally dances to her own tune. Although she considers herself “very shy”, White seemed to have done a lot of things in her past, which don’t seem to be a work of some very shy young girl. One of the facts is that she likes throwing herself into the laps of men when she wants something and needs to get it ASAP. Doesn’t always mean in a sexual way, though it always end up in a hot sex to really make these men lose their minds when her huge tits are on their face or squeezin’ the juice out from their stiff cock when she fucks their boner with them. She likes getting things done her way to get whatever she wants. Just like any other teen bitches, if they fail a subject in a university and this means losing their place in the cheering squad, they will do absolutely anything to get the grade they need to survive the social humiliation. White was one of those girls and she’s got this leaked sex tape where she teased her professor in the classroom, making him say yes to an agreement about her school performance by doing another project on him right on that desk.

Hardcore Meg White sucks and fucks big black cock on cam

Grabbing his stiff dick from inside the pants just made his black cock bigger and staring at White’s massive tits made him stick his throbbing boner inside her cunt and fuck it rough and as deep as he can go. He says he can’t turn away such tempting offer if the bait is already rubbing herself on your crotch. White was so pleased that her mentor’s so into her that he started to sweat profusely! Plowing her rough like he has always wanted and Meg got her perfect score. Girls like Meg White aren’t never really shy especially if the world already thinks that she is and would never do anything scandalous to ruin her reputation. But in this case, it’s more like a defence mechanism to simply hide what she truly is but was too lax with people she thought could be trusted to keep this a secret. Now it’s out, she’s one hardcore chick who would go through lengths just to make sure she’s served the things she wanted. Better prepare yourself for a wild ride if she asks a favor from you!

The Devil in Miss White

June 17th, 2010 by meg

meg white sex tape

What’s Meg White been up to lately? Not much, because she cancelled the rest of the White Stripes concert tour when her sex tape began showing up all over the internet. The sex tape shows a man and a woman engaging in sex, the woman is on her hands and knees and the man is behind sticking his dick into her pussy. The woman is later identified to be Meg White; the man remains unidentified.

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Meg, whose full name is Megan Martha White, is best known as half of the Detroit rock duo, The White Stripes, with her ex-husband Jack White. After the release of the sex tape, Meg White suffered from acute anxiety and had cancel the remaining dates of their concert tour.

meg white video scandal

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The Meg White Sex Tape

August 19th, 2008 by meg

Well, you knew we had to touch on it sooner or later.  If there’s a site out there dedicated to the sexiness of Meg White, then there’s got to be something in it about the Meg White sex tape scandal.  Yes, it’s known that Meg White had an anxiety attack over this and The White Stripes had to cancel a few tour dates.  And the band’s spokesperson has come out with an unequivocal denial that it isn’t Meg White in the video.  But we’ve seen it.  And we’ve seen the juicy swaying bosoms of Meg White as she gets carnal with that guy in the video.  And we’ve seen how those boobies bounce back and forth as she’s fucked hard, doggystyle!  She’s really enjoying the fucking she’s getting from the guy, and it’s her moans of pleasure that we’ll take back to bed with us when we think about getting Meg White in the sack.  That’s how it is.  She’s hot and we think she’s the girl in that video, and you can take a look at these screen caps all you want, or you can click on this link and check out that video yourselves if you want to!  With all the blogs around talking about it, you might be the only one who hasn’t seen it yet…

Meg White Flashing Her Titties?

August 19th, 2008 by meg

Nah, don’t worry, we’re not going to lie to your face and tell ya that Meg White’s finally overcome her shyness and is ready to face the world, bare chest thrust boldly forward.  That’s obviously a fake Meg White topless pic, and we know you’re too smart to be fooled into thinking it’s a real one.  But hey, there’s no harm in wishing it were, right?  Imagining Meg White’s chest cannons finally freed from their red, black or white shirt, and bouncing free in the wild is the kind of fantasy I won’t give up anytime soon.  Fake rocker gals like Avril Lavigne have tiny little cupcakes for titties, we want real juicy melons on our rock n’ roll mama, and Meg fits the bill, no problem!

There’s more fake Meg White nude pics where that came from, and we know you want ’em!  So just click on that link back there and just don’t tell your uptight artsy-fartsy alternative music acquaintances that you’re enjoying rocker porn!  We’ve got your back on this one!

Meg White’s Juicy Boobies

August 19th, 2008 by meg

Banging those drums is hard work, and that’s why we like watching Meg White go at it.  She really gives her all when playing, and as a music fan, that’s fun to watch, and great to listen to, of course.  But as a horny guy, the gratification that comes from watching Meg White in action live and onstage is different.  It’s a great big turn-on is what it is!  The insistent beat of the drums really drives the pounding of our own blood as we watch Meg White’s boobies flail around inside her shirt…  Now that’s what really gets a guy icky-thumping, all alone in his room!  So here are some pics of Meg White in action, showing everyone what a hot babe she is, even when she isn’t undressed yet.  And if talent is a turn-on for you, Meg White is scorching hot, because there aren’t many ladies who can achieve this level of success with the critics, the music-buying public, and with the horndogs as well!

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