Meg White Nude

The White Stripes are the coolest band in the world.  I’m not talking about the hottest, because chart-toppers come and go, and eventually fall out of the Top 10, but cool just sticks with ya.  And that’s what the White Stripes are.  Their garage rock sound has been kicking ass since 1997, and with the release of their self-titled album in 1999, they haven’t looked back as they went from cult underground band to critical favorites to mainstream alt-rock stardom.

The 2001 album “White Blood Cells” was their breakthrough hit, garnering tons of praise from the underground and mainstream music press, as well as entering the Billboard Top 100 and being nominated in the MTV Music Awards for Best Video.  Mainstream musical success came with 2003’s “Elephant”, which was their major label debut and first Top Ten album.  And while Jack White has rightly taken most of the credit for the band’s success, it’s Meg White’s primal punch behind his catchy riffs that complete their signature sound.

And that’s why we love Meg White!  There are few real female rockers out there who are real, and not some pre-packaged pseudo-pop tart like Avril Lavigne, and Meg White is one of those gals.  And aside from her awesome drum style, she’s got big boobies too, which is why seeing Meg White nude has got to be part of our itinerary.  Yes, we worship this shy girl’s skills with the skins, but she also turns us on, and is there anything wrong with that?

There’s a bit of kink involved in White Stripes history after all, with Jack and Meg passively posing as brother and sister for a while, even though they were really husband and wife.  Now that Jack’s found love with a British supermodel, Meg White is a free woman, and fair game for those of us who like their girls with some cushion for the pushin’.  She’s a voluptuous babe, and Jack can have his skinny scarecrow, because we’re here for the gal who brings the steady beat to those rock n’ roll hits.  And that’s why all those into her like us ought to check out Meg White Nude!