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The Devil in Miss White

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

meg white sex tape

What’s Meg White been up to lately? Not much, because she cancelled the rest of the White Stripes concert tour when her sex tape began showing up all over the internet. The sex tape shows a man and a woman engaging in sex, the woman is on her hands and knees and the man is behind sticking his dick into her pussy. The woman is later identified to be Meg White; the man remains unidentified.

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Meg, whose full name is Megan Martha White, is best known as half of the Detroit rock duo, The White Stripes, with her ex-husband Jack White. After the release of the sex tape, Meg White suffered from acute anxiety and had cancel the remaining dates of their concert tour.

meg white video scandal

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The Meg White Sex Tape

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Well, you knew we had to touch on it sooner or later.  If there’s a site out there dedicated to the sexiness of Meg White, then there’s got to be something in it about the Meg White sex tape scandal.  Yes, it’s known that Meg White had an anxiety attack over this and The White Stripes had to cancel a few tour dates.  And the band’s spokesperson has come out with an unequivocal denial that it isn’t Meg White in the video.  But we’ve seen it.  And we’ve seen the juicy swaying bosoms of Meg White as she gets carnal with that guy in the video.  And we’ve seen how those boobies bounce back and forth as she’s fucked hard, doggystyle!  She’s really enjoying the fucking she’s getting from the guy, and it’s her moans of pleasure that we’ll take back to bed with us when we think about getting Meg White in the sack.  That’s how it is.  She’s hot and we think she’s the girl in that video, and you can take a look at these screen caps all you want, or you can click on this link and check out that video yourselves if you want to!  With all the blogs around talking about it, you might be the only one who hasn’t seen it yet…

Meg White’s Juicy Boobies

Tuesday, August 19th, 2008

Banging those drums is hard work, and that’s why we like watching Meg White go at it.  She really gives her all when playing, and as a music fan, that’s fun to watch, and great to listen to, of course.  But as a horny guy, the gratification that comes from watching Meg White in action live and onstage is different.  It’s a great big turn-on is what it is!  The insistent beat of the drums really drives the pounding of our own blood as we watch Meg White’s boobies flail around inside her shirt…  Now that’s what really gets a guy icky-thumping, all alone in his room!  So here are some pics of Meg White in action, showing everyone what a hot babe she is, even when she isn’t undressed yet.  And if talent is a turn-on for you, Meg White is scorching hot, because there aren’t many ladies who can achieve this level of success with the critics, the music-buying public, and with the horndogs as well!

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